Patrimony Nest -

Descendants Kourdimanov Family


1 generation

  1. Ivan Kurdimanov

Belonged to Little Russia seniority. Owned estate in Konstantinograd uyezd Slobodsko-Ukainian province.

 2 generation

2-1 Ivan Ivanovich Kurdimanov (1767-?)
Colonel of Elisavetgrad Hussar regiment. Cavalier of the award of st. John Jerusalem.
Adjutant of General Yosef de Ribas

 Spouse: Domnikia Ilyashevich (?-14.01.1826)
 First her spouse Mikhail Danilovich Ilyashevich - rotmistr of Aleksandria light Cavalry regiment (son Korniliy)
Buried in Lisanevichevka Alexandria uyezd Kherson province.

3-1 Konstantin Ivanovich Kurdimanov

4-1 Petr Ivanovich Kurdimanov (1771-09.08.1842)
Started service as cadet (April 29, 1790); Cornet  (January 1, 1793) For honour and courage in Warsaw (Apri 6-7 1794) awarded Poruchik  (May 5 1794), rotmistr  (September 29, 1794) 
Adjutant of General Alexandr Petrovich Tormasov (1794)
Major of  Elisavetgrad Hussar regiment (November 14, 1800). Retired as lieutenant -colonel (December, 23 1803).
Deputy director of Odessa Quarantine service (1805-1814) Court counsellor (1805), collegiate counsellor (1812).
Marshal of the nobility of Tiraspol uyezd of Kherson province (1816-1818)
Buried in Petroverovka Tiraspol uyesd Kherson province.

Spouse1: Elizabeth von Heyking (~1782-1812)
Daughter of colonel baron fon Heyking

Spouse 2: Anna Ivanovna Volkova
Daughter of General major Ivan Fedorovich Volkov - chief of Voronezh Hussar regiment.

5-1 Dmitry Ivanovich Kurdimanov

6-1 Roman Ivanovich Kurdimanov (1778-?)
1798  Cornet of Elisavetgrad Hussar regiment

7-1 Andrey Ivanovich Kurdimanov

8-1 Nadezhda Ivanovna Kurdimanova

3 generation

9-4 (1) Nadezhda Petrovna Kurdimanova

 Spouse: Kornily Mikhailovich Ilyashevich

10-4 (1) Elisaveta Petrovna Kurdimanova

Spouse: Petr Nikolaevich Ganskiy (1785-1856)
Captain, Cavalier of the award of st. Vladimir 4 d., st. Anna 3 d.
Owner of estates Nikolaevka (Ganskoe) and Petrovka (Kornetovo) of Ananyev (Olviopol) uyezd of Kherson province

11-4 (1) Lubov Petrovna Kurdimanova

 Spouse: Aleksandr Stepanovich Florinskiy (1802 -15.03.1856)
 In the service came ensign in the Selengian Infantry Regiment - December 3, 1819 Assigned : sword-belt-ensign - October 30, 1820, ensign - December 26, 1821
Transferred to the Tomsk Infantry Regiment (17th Infantry Division, 6th Infantry Corps) - April 9, 1822 Assigned in second lieutenant - April 19, 1824
Dismissed from the service Lieutenant November 22, 1825
Hereditary possession of Alexander Florinskago is Tiraspol Uyezd, 3,000 acres of land and 101 of the soul male and 120 female souls in the village Florinovka. For his wife is 10 male . First was retired, and at the choice of a deputy Gentry County in Kherson Tiraspolskago Noble Assembly.

12-4 (1) Lev Petovich Kurdimanov
Marshal of the nobility of Tiraspol uyezd of Kherson province (1847-1853)

Spouse: Klavdiya Kornilyevna Ilyashevich (# 21)

13-4 (1) Sofia Petrovna Kurdimanova


14-4 (1) Varvara Petrovna Kurdimanova

 Spouse: Trebinsky

15-4 (2) Pelageya Petrovna Kurdimanova

 Spouse 1: Grigory Ivanovich Pivarovich

 Spouse 2: Stanislav Antonovich Vilinsky

16-4 Vera Petrovna Kurdimanova

 Spouse: Pavel Stepanovich Andreevsky (23.07.1813-?)
collegiate counsellor
Son of Stepan Stepanovich Andreevsky and Genrietta-Augusta Karlovna Grefe
After graduation from Richelieu Lyceum of Sciences and the right was awarded the rank of 12 grade rank, defined in the State Office of Novorossiysk and Bessarabskago Governor-General - 24 December 1834. Government Decree of the Senate on March 30, 1835 renamed the Provincial Secretary, with seniority from December 23, 1834.
Moved to serve in the Office of the Chief Military Department head of estates and was defined as a journalist and archivist - September 22, 1837. By converting Office of the Chief Military Department head of estates to the temporary office of the Staff Inspector Reserve Cavalry, remained i in these positions - January 10, 1838.
By order of the Inspector's reserve cavalry was appointed to the post of head clerk correction - February 8, 1839. Institutionalized for long service years, Government Decree of the Senate made a collegiate secretary, with seniority from December 23, 1837 - November 14, 1839.
On the occasion of the destruction of the temporary office of the Staff Inspector Reserve Cavalry, on the basis of Highly approved by the 9th day of March 1840 the order discharged from the service - May 27, 1840.
On the report of the Head of Kherson Chamber of the State property, in consequence of the expressed desire, was defined performed the duties of the district Chief of Ananyevsky district - August 29, 1842.
By decree of the Ruling Senate pursuant made a titular counselor, with seniority from March 25, 1844. - June 20, 1846
Upon recommendation of the Deputy Minister of State property confirmed as the District Chief - October 3, 1846
The Highest Order of the civil department, held January 13, 1851, promoted to collegiate assessors, with seniority from March 25, 1848.
The highest order of the civil department held on January 3, 1852, promoted for long service to the court counselor, with seniority from March 25, 1851.
The highest order of the civil department number 82, moved an indispensable member of Odesskago building Committee - April 29, 1853
Graciously awarded the distinction of irreproachable service for 15 years - August 22, 1854
The highest Order of the civil department - January 26, 1855, 18, promoted for years of service to collegiate advisors, with seniority from March 25, 1854. Based on the most gracious manifesto August 26, 1856 awarded a medal at the St. Andrew's dark bronze ribbon in memory of the war of 1853-1856.

The godfather of:
Pavel Mikhailovich Volkov (1848) brother of wife of (# 20-9)
Arkadiy Grigoryevich Pivarovich (1851) (#35-13)
Petr Grigorievich Pivarovich (1852) (#36-13)
Maria Vladislavovna Vybadovskaya (1859) (#88-31)
Elisaveta Nikolaevna Ganskaya (1862) (#50-18)
Nikolay Vladimirovich Andreevsky (1867) (#90-37)

17-4 Maria Petrovna Kurdimanova

Spouse: prince Pavel Aleksandrovich Abamelik
Marshal of the nobility of Tiraspol uyezd Kherson province (1865-1871)

18-4 Ekaterina Petrovna Kurdimanova

 Spouse: Ferdinand Frantsevich Narkevich
Colonel of Ingermanland hussar regiment

4 generation

19-9 Petr Kornilievich Ilyashevich

20-9 Nikolay Kornilievich Ilyashevich

21-9 Klavdiya Kornilyevna Ilyashevich

 Spouse: Lev Petovich Kurdimanov (#12)

22-10 Nikolay Petrovich Ganskiy (30.11.1831-05.11.1869)
Married february 21, 1863 in Dmitrievskaya church of the town Kulikovo Pole Ananyev uyezd

 Spouse: Olga Pavlovna Chernova (?-?)
Dauther of the Marshal of the nobility of Tiraspol uyezd Kherson province Pavel Petrovich Chernov (1828-1831) and his wife Polina Ivanovna

23-10 Varvara Petrovna Ganskaya (30.11.1831-?)

 Spouse: Kirill Vasilyevich Sokolov-Borodkin (15.06.1816-?)
Marshal of the nobility of Elisavetgrad uyezd Kherson province

24-10 Mikhail Petrovich Ganskiy (06.03.1834-17.03.1879)
Poruchik of Akhtyrsky Houssar regiment
Married April 10, 1860 in Odessa Cathedral

 Spouse: Olga Mikhailovna Volkova (1.10.1842-27.04.1917)
Dauhter of poruchuk Mikhail Ivanovich Volkov (brother of second spouse of #4) and his wife Maria Alekseevna Belyaeva)

25-10 Pavel Petrovich Ganskiy (1.12.1837-1910)
Married January 27, 1866in Mikhailovskaya church of the Stepanovka Ananyev uyezd

 Spouse: Elisaveta Alekseevna Zimnitskaya (?-?)

26-10 Sergey Petrovich Ganskiy (19.10.1839-?)

 Spouse: Genrietta Petrovna Andreevskaya (# 38) (1847-?)

23-10 Sofiya Alexandrovna Florinskaya

 Spouse: Naum Vasilyevich Ageev

27-11 Olga Alexandrovna Florinskaya

 Spouse: Karl Egorovich baron fon Stempel


28-11 Vladimir Aleksandrovich Florinsky

 Spouse: ???

29-11 Sergey Alexandrovich Florinsky

 Spouse: Maria Nikolaevna ???

30-11 Platon Aleksandrovich Florinsky

31-12 Evgeny L`vovich Kurdimanov


 Spouse: Yuliya Aleksandrovna Leontovich

32-12 Leonilla L`vovna Kurdimanova

33-12 Nadezda L`vovna Kurdimanova

34-13 Anna Grigoryevna Pivarovich

 Spouse: Vladislav Antonovich Vybadovsky


35-15 Pavel Grigoryevich Pivarovich

36-15 Viktor Grigoryevich Pivarovich

37-15 Nikolay Grigoryevich Pivarovich

38-15 Arkadiy Grigoryevich Pivarovich

39-15 Petr Grigoryevich Pivarovich

40-16 Vladimir Pavlovich Andreevsky

 Spouse: Anna Nikolaevna Sinitsina

41-16 Henrietta Pavlovna Andreevskaya

 Spouse: Sergey Petrovich Ganskiy (# 26)

42-17 prince Aleksandr Pavlovich Abamelik

 Spouse: Anna Ivanovna Gizhitskaya

43-17 Elisaveta Pavlovna pr. Abamelik

 Spouse: Nikolay Fedorovich Ivanov-Lutsevin

General, Adjutant of Tsar Nicolay II

44-17 Anna Pavlovna pr. Abamelik

 Spouse: Nikolay Vladimirovich Bennett

45-17 Sofia Pavlovna pr. Abamelik

 Spouse 1: Vladimir Dmitrievich Sourovtsev


 Spouse 2: Nikolay Sergeevich Ermolov

46-17 Camilla Pavlovna Abamelik

47-18 Vera Ferdinandovna Narkevich

 Spouse: Konstantin Erastovich Andreevsky

48-18 Genrietta Ferdinandovna Narkevich

 Spouse: Fedor Platonovich Nikitin

49-18 Maria Ferdinandovna Narkevich

 Spouse 1: Pavel Nikolaevich Kich

 Spouse 2: Grigory Grigrievich Marazli


5 generation

50-22 Elisaveta Nikolaevna Ganskaya (26.12.1861-?)

 Spouse: Aleksandr Ivanovich Gangardt

Rotmistr Life Guards Cossack regiment, adjutant of the ordered ataman of Voisko Donskoe
Son of Lieutant-general, ordred ataman of Dunaiskogo voiska Ivan Egorovich Gangardt

51-23 Sergey Kirillovich Sokolov-Borodkin

 Spouse 1: Lubov Ivanovna Prokhorova

 Spouse 2: Varvara Ivanovna Prokhorova

52-24 Olga Mikhailovna Ganskaya

 Spouse: Iulian Konstantinovich Volkovsky


53-24 Varvara Mikhailovna Ganskaya

 Spouse: Aleksandr Leontyevich Cherkes

54-24 Boris Mikhailovich Ganskiy


 Spouse: Neonola Mikhailovna Danchich

55-24 Sofiya Mikhailovna Ganskaya

 Spouse 1: Stepan Nikolayevich Dyakov

 Spouse 2: Kozlovsky

56-24 Sergey Mikhailovich Gansky

57-24 Elisaveta Mikhailovna Ganskaya

 Spouse 1: Alexey Pavlovich Troitsky

 Spouse 2: Konstantin Markovich Saburdo

Captain of 74 Stavropol regiment

58-24 Elena Mikhailovna Ganskaya

 Spouse: Mikhail Ivanovich Timonov

Lieutenant general

59-24 Nikolay Mikhailovich Ganskiy


 Spouse 1: Anastasia Moiseeva

 Spouse 2: Maria Fedorovna Pospelova

60-24 Nina Mikhailovna Ganskaya

61-24 Mikhail Mikhailovich Gansky

62-25 Petr Pavlovich Ganskiy


63-25 Vera Pavlovna Ganskaya

 Spouse: Gavriil Petrovich Ivanenko

64-25 Alexey Pavlovich Ganskiy

65-25 Sofia Pavlovna Ganskaya

 Spouse: Vladimir Pavlovich Bystritsky

66-25 Evgeniya Pavlovna Ganskaya

 Spouse: Boris Vasilyevich Kashnev

67-25 Elisaveta Pavlovna Ganskaya

68-25 Ekaterina Pavlovna Ivanova-Ganskaya


69-25 Ivan Pavlovich Ganskiy

70-26 Vladimir Sergeevich Ganskiy

 Spouse: Olga Evgenievna Chorba

71-26 Erast Sergeevich Ganskiy

Lieutenant-colonel of Orlov regiment

72-26 Pavel Sergeevich Ganskiy

73-26 Ferdinand Sergeevich Ganskiy

74-26 Vera Sergeevna Ganskaya

 Spouse: Aleksandr Sergeevich Erdely

75-26 Camilla Sergeevna Ganskaya

 Spouse: Aleksandr Pavlovich Pariso-de-la-Valett

76-26 Natalia Sergeevna Ganskaya

Spouse 1: Tyunikov

Spouse 2: Poltoratskiy

77-27 Aleksandr Karlovich baron von Stempel (1857-?)

78-27 Konstantin Karlovich baron fon Stempel (1858-1858)

79-27 Eugeniya Karlovna von Stempel (1859-1921)

            Spouse: Vyacheslav Trofimov

80-27 George Karlovich con Stempel

81-27 Olga Karlovna von Stempel

82-29 Lidiya Sergeevna Florinskaya (1863-?)

83-29 Nikolay Sergeevich Florinsky (1864-1920)

84-29 Aleksandr Sergeevich Florinskiy (1866-?)

85-29 Alexey Sergeevich Florinskiy (1867-1920)

86-29 Nadezda Sergeevna Florinskaya

87-29 Antonina Sergeevna Florinskaya

            Spouse: Aleksandr Skopinsky

88-29 Mikhail Sergeevich Florinskiy (1878-1882)

89-29 Pavel Sergeevich Florinskiy (1884-?)

            Spouse: Vera Aleksandrovna Schapovalenko

Divorced in 1918

90-29 Georgiy Sergeevich Florinskiy

91-29 Zinaida Sergeevna Florinskaya

92-31 Lev Evgenievich Kourdimanov

93-31 Aleksandr Evgenievich Kourdimanov

94-34 Mariya Vladislavovna Vybadovskaya

95-40 Pavel Vladimirovich Andreevsky

96-40 Nikolay Vladimirovich Andreevsky

97-40 Sergey Vladimirovich Andreevsky

98-40 Konstantin Vladimirovich Andreevsky

99-42 Lubov Aleksandrovna Abamelik

 Spouse: Rafail Fedorovich Elenev

100-42 Elena Aleksandrovna pr. Abamelek

101-42 Pavel Alexandrovich prince Abamelik

103-43 Elisaveta Nikolaevna Ivanov-Lutsevin

Spouse: Filipp Pavlovich Kich (#116)

103-43 Pavel Nikolaevich Ivanov-Lutsevin

Spouse: Ekaterina Pavlovna Kich (#117)

104-44 Tamara Nikolaevna Bennett

Spouse: Erast Konstantinovich Andreevsky (#110) (23.06.1878-~13.04.1954)

105-44 Georgy Nikolaevich Bennett

106-45 Ksenia Vladimirovna Surovtseva

107-45 Aleksandr Vladimirovich Surovtsev

108-45 Dmitry Vladimirovich Surovtsev

109-45 Mariya Vladimirovna Surovtseva

110-47 Erast Konstantinovich Andreevsky (23.06.1878-~13.04.1954)

Spouse: Tamara Nikolaevna Bennett (#104)

111-47 Aleksandr Konstantinovich Andreevsky (22.11.1886-?)

112-47 Vladimir Konstantinovich Andreevsky (8.09.1894-?)

113-48 Platon Fedorovich Nikitin

114-48 Sergey Fedorovich Nikitin

 Spouse: Praskovya Ivanovna Cherdyntseva

115-48 Gleb Fedorovich Nikitin

 Spouse: Lidiya Nikolaevna Tymchinskaya

116-49 Filipp Pavlovich Kich

Marshal of the nobility of Balta uyezd of Podolsk province

 Spouse: Elisaveta Nikolaevna Ivanov-Lutsevin (#102)

117-49 Ekaterina Pavlovna Kich

Spouse: Pavel Nikolaevich Ivanov-Lutsevin (#103)




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